Dungeon Crawl Classics Deity: Omnomnom
by Gunnar
1 min read



I’ve decided to make my own setting for my Dungeon Crawl Classics game. Every setting (mine is called Qis) needs a unique pantheon of gods right? I like how gods imbue their clerics with some new powers and drawbacks. This is a god I’m quite certain will make the cut.


Alignment: Neutral Domains: Food, drinks, orgies, gluttony, drugs, partying Holy symbol: A large cornucopia Description: Omnomnom is worshipped all over Qis, and he’s especially popular during feasts, festivals and holidays. Omnomnom has relatively few regular and devoted followers, but clerics that follow him must always strive to enjoy, consume and acquire the best of what life has to offer. Because of this his clerics are normally loud, colorful and relatively corpulent. It is regarded as a sin to loose weight, to abstain from anything and to refuse any gifts or offerings.

Physical manifestation

Omnomnom is popularly depicted as an obese man riding a cornucopia towed by five well-fed sows.

Game mechanics for clerics

  • Clerics of Omnomnom must blow their cornucopia to turn unholy.
  • They receive +1d against all digested poison.
  • They are regarded as one level higher when turning unholy that do not feed (i.e. skeletons, but noe zombies and vampires).
  • Clerics of Omnomnom can cast Food of Gods once per day. This spell will never fail and always produce a feast as a die result of 12+CL. This daily spell does not count against number of spells known. Subsequent castings of this spell follow normal game rules.
  • Because of their physical size a cleric of Omnomnom has his speed reduced by 10′ and he will receive negative modifiers for actions in cramped spaces.
  • Clerics of Omnomnom can only lay on hands if they have recently fed.