A Field in England (Ben Wheatley, 2013)

Director Ben Wheatley has done some pretty interesting and unique films, and A Field in England is no exception. Set sometime during the English Civil War (1642 – 1651) the film follows a ragtag group of deserters, low-lives and mysterious figures that eat some magic mushrooms (literally) and trip out in a field.

1 min read

Spin by Robert Charles Wilson

The first book in the Spin Saga Trilogy by Robert Charles Wilson is a fantastic science fiction novel with a grandiose theme, yet with totally human, and actually humanistic, characters. Spin won the Hugo-award for best novel in 2006.

2 min read

Ms. Marvel Vol 2. by G. Willow Wilson

While the first volume of the collected editions of G. Willow Wilson’s new muslim, and very cool superhero Ms. Marvel was excellent in every way, this second collection of the comic series takes Kamala Khan’s story further with some major Marvel Universe event happening in the background and suffers for it.

1 min read

Principles of Old School Gaming

I’ve been toying with the idea of writing my own little Player’s Handbook for possible forthcoming old school games. I’m currently playing, and enjoying, a Castles & Crusades-campaign, with some modified rules, but real old school it definitely isn’t. The simplified, combined with the improvisational and procedural, rules of old school is becoming more and more appealing to me, and I need to solidify and put to paper what I ideally would like to play.

1 min read