Dungeon Crawl Classics Deity: RaccRocc
by Gunnar
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I’m working on the setting for my Dungeon Crawl Classics-campaign and I’ve got a smallish map and some nations and areas worked out in my mind. Among the things I feel are promising is an evil nation of undead elves (a sealed off area held at bay by a knightly order of heroic warriors) and a nation ruled by draconic druglords.

Anyway; the thing that gets the creative juices flowing most at the moment is working on the pantheon. I have previously presented the god of festivals, orgies, food, wine and gluttony, Omnomnom. Today I give you the twin gods of chance and destiny. It is loosely based on Oponn from the Malazan-books. As usual I like to give the clerics some small benefits and drawbacks from their deity.


Alignment: Neutral Domains: Luck, fate, destiny, mishaps, games, gambling, coincidences, irony, duality. Holy symbol: A standing coin with a woman’s face (Racc) on one side and a man’s face (Rocc) on the other. Description: RaccRocc is better known under several other names. Among these are The Twins, The Jesters, Masters of the Game and Shakers of Fate. RaccRocc is not one god, but two, but they almost never appear separate. They are always man and woman – he represents mishaps and bad luck, she represents luck and fortune. He pushes, she pulls. They are known to be twins, and considered children of Ato (the True God of time and everything in between physical reality). Their relation to Ato is, however, theologically debated. The Twins are also gods of gaming and gambling, and their symbol is often used by establishments that offer this sort of entertainment.

RaccRocc is (naturally) a very ambivalent deity, and most common folk will, according to circumstance, only offer prayers to Racc or Rocc. Nevertheless it is impossible to predict whom of the twins that will hear and act upon these prayers (if they will act at all). Theologians think The Jesters are locked in a never ending struggle, and that the mortal realm both benefits and suffers because of this. RaccRocc is a very common god.

Physical manifestation

RaccRocc is typically depicted as a man and a woman holding hands with their back turned against each other.

Game mechanics for clerics

  • Clerics of RaccRocc must totally devote themselves to chance. When confronted with difficult ethical choices, or choices that effect alignment the cleric must flip his holy coin (symbol) and let the faces decide what he must do.
  • The cleric must make their own holy symbols (the two-faced coins) and can only own one of these coins at any time. To make a new coin the cleric must have access to a forge and work a full day.
  • Every time the use of a holy symbol is required the cleric must flip his coin. This seldom has any mechanical effect, but it requires one action and the use of a free hand.
  • The cleric must pray to The Twins as one god, not two. This means that he can’t swing any outcomes through prayer, and he must silently accept the whims of his deity.
  • The cleric must always have Second Sight (1st level spell) among his known spells. He is considered one level higher when casting Second Sight.
  • Clerics of RaccRocc may burn Luck as a Thief of one level lower (i.e. as a 1st level Thief when Cleric level 2).
  • Each week the cleric roll 1d3. The number rolled is regained Luck.